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Welcome to our web and software agency!

We specialize in providing high-quality and fast services to our clients.

Crossing Borders, Building Careers

Since its inception in 2011, our agency has uniquely specialized in study abroad consulting for Japanese individuals interested in IT engineering and software development. Our distinct position as the only company offering IT expertise in this field has earned significant recognition from those looking to expand their careers from Japan to overseas.

Located in Vancouver, aligned with the time zones of major tech hubs like San Francisco and Seattle, the region is highly valued as an ideal location for IT engineers to develop their careers. The city serves as a nexus for numerous tech startups and is renowned as a prime spot for technology professionals.

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Empowering Japanese Careers in North America

In addition to engaging prospective students, we receive numerous inquiries from experienced professionals eager to advance their careers in North America. This demand prompted us to launch our recruitment business. We facilitate connections not just with local companies in British Columbia, but also with Japanese firms aiming to penetrate the North American market and Japanese startups on the West Coast of the United States, seeking engineers who are proficient in both Japanese and English.

Tech Innovation Starts Here

Today, our offerings have expanded beyond talent recruitment to include business consulting for companies contemplating expansion. We actively participate in projects as consultants, reflecting our deep involvement in the sector.

Vancouver is a central hub within Canada's tech industry and maintains a significant stance in the American tech scene. With major tech companies increasingly establishing their presence, we are confident in the continued growth of Vancouver's tech scene.

Looking ahead, our ambitions extend beyond contract development and recruitment; we are also planning to develop our own SaaS products in the future.

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